Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus Maxi Boost ON Impressions

I was lucky enough to be accepted in the closed network test for Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS Maxi Boost On this past weekend. Admittedly I had lower expectations due to how Bandai Namco handled the release of Gundam Versus three years ago. However Bandai Namco fixed all of the problems I had with Gundam Versus in Maxi Boost ON.

Firstly, my experience online was more enjoyable with Maxi Boost ON compared to Gundam Versus. While I’m aware that Connections vary from player to player. I personally had terrible Connectivity Issues with Gundam Versus. I’ve been playing  on a wired connection ever since the last gaming generation and came across little to no issues with online multiplayer. The only games that gave me frequent problems were Tekken and Gundam Versus, and ironically both are properties of Bandai Namco. Thankfully in Maxi Boost ON I only had two instances where a match wouldn’t even start and I witnessed little to no stutter or slow down during the rest of my matches. 

Maxi Boost ON also addresses Gundam Versus roster. Gundam Versus relied heavily on DLC and didn’t even have any representation from G-Gundam at launch. Some series had no representation at all such as Gundam X and Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz. However I do feel like Gundam Versus does give more love to lesser known suits and grunt units such as the Rick Dias and the Methuss two of my favorites suits from the Zeta series. Overall I feel like Maxi Boost does a better job at representing the Gundam series as a whole having a total 183 playable suits during the beta, while Gundam versus stands at 121 playable suits all of which weren’t available at during its beta or even at launch.

Bandai Namco really won me over with this network test. There’s still features I haven’t covered due to them not being available in the network test. I will cover all of them as well the games mechanics a week after Maxi Boost ON releases. Maxi Boost ON will be the first review I’ll write of a recently released game.

-Off Course Comet